Strong Suit 168: Your Employees Are Spilling Your Secrets. WTF Will You Do?

Let’s face it. You’re not the perfect leader. You know it. I know it.
And your team knows it.
And they’re telling other people.
Yikes. Anonymous employee review websites – like Glassdoor – are booming. Call it the “Yelpification” of leadership. Your employees rate you publicly for the world to see. How vulnerable!
And this isn’t going away. So, what to do?
I tracked down the authority on this topic – Joel Cheesman in Indianapolis. Joel’s worked in the online job business for 20 years. And now, he’s the Founder of Ratedly.
Ratedly monitors Glassdoor & all the other employee review sites so that you don’t have to. He’s studied this topic inside-out.
In this 20-minute conversation, Joel reveals what you should (and shouldn’t) do. How to handle the reviews – especially the negative ones. Do they matter? What are the misconceptions? And what to do about that one employee that you never seem to make happy?
If you’re planning to hire during 2018, you can’t afford to skip this episode. Because Glassdoor has become the first place your prospective candidates check you out.

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