Strong Suit 169: Here it is… The Holy Grail of Recruiting.

There’s a holy grail of recruiting?
No way.
Yep, no joke. This is both faster and less expensive. And the candidates stay longer, and perform better.
What is it?
The Employee Referral Program. Unfortunately, only 66% of companies have one. And the ones that do, really make a mess of theirs.
50% (Yes, half!) of your new hires should come via your Employee Referral Program. If they don’t, this episode is for you. Because you’re missing a trick (or your culture stinks… in which case you have far bigger problems).
Laura Bilazarian shows us the way. She’s CEO of Teamable Software, based in San Francisco. She started the company 4 years ago to help employers hire faster & smarter thru their employees’ social network. Teamable’s clients now include Uber, Lyft, Oracle, and ESPN.
Invest 20 minutes with me & Laura, and you’ll never look at recruiting the same way again.

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