Strong Suit 177: Does the Birth of Your Business Mean the Death of Your Waistline?

Business is tough. And particularly tough on our bodies. The hours. The stress. The 6-packs…of soda.
Is it even possible to build a healthy business, while building a healthy body?
Ryan Lee is widely considered one of the world’s most influential “lifestyle entrepreneurs.” In fact, he started his first fitness website in 1999.
As a busy stressed entrepreneur, he had his Oh Sh*t Moment last year. And he did something about it.
Ryan has been featured in Entrepreneur and The Wall Street Journal, has written 2 best-selling books, and is the founder of Freedym, the world’s largest lifestyle entrepreneurship media company.
His new company REWIND recently launched the world’s first SuperBar.
In this 20-minute conversation, Ryan reveals how he pulled it all together and took back his life, his health, and his waistline.


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