Strong Suit 191: Finally…Here's How to Navigate Immigration for Your Next Rockstar Employee

Let’s be honest…
The US government sure doesn’t make it easy to recruit & land a rockstar employee from outside the US.
Yet, it’s a remarkable source of great candidates.
I needed to get schooled on this, because it’s complex & rapidly-changing.
So, I sought out an expert. And found him… in Chicago.
Dick Burke is CEO of Envoy Global, the leading immigration management platform that makes it seamless for companies to hire & manage an international workforce by combining expert legal representation & proprietary technology.
They make it easy for eligible employees, families and individuals to legally live & work in the U.S.
Dick is a super-sharp expert. Prior, he was President of
I learned a ton in 20 minutes, and I guarantee that you will too.

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“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital