Strong Suit 192: How to Handle the Day You're Dreading

Let’s be honest.
In today’s hyper-transparent & controversial world, something is gonna blow up at your company. The question isn’t if… it’s when.
Then, the next question is how will you handle it? (It’s a true test of your leadership)
Today’s guest shows us the way. Dan Hill is CEO of Hill Impact, the top-ranked crisis communications firm.
Dan is trusted by world leaders, CEO’s, and celebrities to defend & repair brands. He is America’s most quoted & sought-after expert on brand positioning and reputation, appearing in the New York Times, USA Today, L.A. Times, and Washington Post.
For 25 years, he’s advised public & private sector leaders. Dan is known as a true “fixer,” routinely navigating complex challenges to deliver positive outcomes against seemingly impossible odds.
In this 20-minute episode, Dan shares the best practices you need to know, and how to avoid making your bad problem worse.