Strong Suit 197: What Good Is Recruiting Rockstars If You Can't Keep 'Em?

After you work so hard to win the war for talent & hire Rockstars, how do you keep them engaged & happy?
Let’s be honest.
Your employees are overwhelmed. And like most managers, you’re likely stuck in a rut of managing meetings, slipping deadlines, and frustration about the nature of work.
I didn’t want the 50,000 foot hoity-toity strategy. I went looking for practical & actionable tactics.
And I found it in Sacramento, of all places.
Shawn Murphy is the author of “The Optimistic Workplace” and a weekly columnist in Inc. He’s also the Founder & CEO of WorqIQ.
Shawn has identified potential levers that can help you dramatically improve the experience of work.
In this 20-minute interview, he shares actionable ways to hang on to your most talented folks.

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