Strong Suit 206: Finally, There's Couples Therapy for Startup Co-Founders

How can Co-Founders start & grow a business without killing each other?
You may know that 66% of early-stage companies fail due to people problems. And the #1 root cause? Co-Founders that just can’t make it together.
And who can blame them? 80 hours a week together … yikes!
But did you know that there’s therapy for those Co-Founders?
Now, there is.
Based in Chicago, Myra Castaneda & Shira Galston are the creators of Amity. It creates a safe space to explore the complex relationships, on both a business level and an interpersonal level, to build trust, communication, and empathy.
They’ve applied their considerable therapy experience to this crucial need. Co-Founders squabble, yes. But more importantly, they avoid talking about the things that they really need to discuss. 
So Myra & Shira facilitate the discussion and help Co-Founders heal. In this 20-minute discussion, they reveal the best practices to develop a healthy relationship. And the biggest mistakes to avoid.