Strong Suit 209: How a Rockstar Went From Entrepreneur to Intrepreneur

Not many people are successful at starting & building companies, and also building new initiatives within a larger company (…or in this case, one of the largest).
But here’s one … Micah Baldwin
Micah was early or founded six startups, which have raised more than $350,000,000 collectively, with 4 exits.
He successfully launched companies, and grew a publisher base from 0 to 10,000, and monthly page views from 11 million to 450 million per month in just 1 year.
And now, Micah is with Amazon, where he’s created & launched a senior level program for corporate innovation, working with some of the largest enterprises & hottest startups in the world.
In this 20-minute interview, Micah reviews how (and why) he made the switch from entrepreneur to intrepreneur. There’s a ton to be learned, as he’s exceedingly candid about his path.