Strong Suit 213: Your Business Is Scaling. Will Your Talent Strategy Keep Up?

I’ve seen this movie before.
The business ramps from 2 Founders to 10 employees, then to 100, then 1000.
The American dream.
But the talent strategy hasn’t evolved. And that’s when the people problems begin. 
Recruiting, retention, employer brand, compensation design … everything needs to be revisited at each node of growth.
So I sought out an expert to show us how (And I kinda bagged the elephant.)
Kevin Marasco is Chief Marketing Officer of SF-based Zenefits. With 500 employees, they’ve created a super-cool people platform that brings HR, Payroll, & Benefits into a single app. Makes it really easy.
Prior, Kevin was CMO at HireVue and VP Brand at Taleo (acquired by Oracle). He’s been with companies from 2 people to 2,000. So he understands what needs to happen in each phase.
In this 20-minute conversation, Kevin shares the stuff he wishes he knew “back then.” If you hope to scale your business, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

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