Strong Suit 224: What Do Wines & Drones Have In Common?

We have Brendan Carroll to thank, for safeguarding our nation’s crops of grapes that become wine.
He’s President & CEO of Skycision, which offers a solution to the global agriculture industry that helps farmers identify crop stress weeks earlier than the naked eye can.
By analyzing aerial spectral imagery, Skycision’s drones aid growers in responding faster to threats, save them time in scouting, and enhance the scouting coverage of their operation to ensure the security of their bottom line.
And it’s not just wine. 
Brendan is on a mission to help the global agriculture industry grow more efficiently. Food production needs to increase 70% by 2050 to feed the anticipated 2B increase in the global population. 
In this 20-minute conversation, we cover a lot of ground – pun intended – including how Brendan is building a bi-coastal company of Pittsburgh & Silicon Valley.

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