Strong Suit 226: Raise VC, Click Start, Meet With Your Concierge Physician

Guy Friedman was fed up with waiting to see his physician.
So, he set out to reimagine the process.
He started the company SteadyMD, based in St. Louis, which recently closed a sizable round of venture capital.
After a comprehensive 1-hour video appointment in which the SteadyMD doctor & patient get to know each other, that same doctor is available anytime via secure text messaging, phone calls, and video appointments. 
The SteadyMD platform hosts all the patient’s medical records, including those from past doctors and hospitals.
This is – literally – a physician in your pocket.
In this 20-minute conversation, Guy reveals how he’s built the team behind SteadyMD. Full-time employees. Software developers. Contract physicians. The whole enchilada.
And he didn’t have to be in Silicon Valley to do it.

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