Strong Suit 246: The Truth About Building a Winning Salesforce

It takes a lot to convince a successful entrepreneur to trade in their “Founder/CEO” title for employee status. You know that must be one pretty special organization.
Following a homerun experience starting, building, and selling to a public company, Andy Cohen reconnected with an old friend from his time at Intuit.
And he became hooked on the shared vision.
Andy now leads sales at 350-employee, one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing companies.That’s one of the hardest recruiting & leadership challenges in business.
He inherited a mixed team.
But with upgrading, restructuring, and just plain caring, the team has gone on to incredible accomplishments. In fact, he’s scaled the business that now moves over $60 Billion per year.
In this 20-minute conversation, Andy reveals step by step how he’s build this high-performance salesforce.