Strong Suit 260: How To Rid Your Company Of Lousy Managers

You have one key job.
And that’s to ensure that you’re creating a wonderful place to work.
Because that’s the only thing that’s going to attract top-performers. Unfortunately, most companies suffer with lousy managers.
And that’s the key reason people leave. Or won’t come in the first place.
Alexi Robichaux, Co-founder & CEO of BetterUp, is out to change that. Based in San Francisco, his company delivers personalized & professional coaching to improve the scalability of your business.
To make sure you have Rockstar managers in every seat. Managers who help your employees find meaning in their work.
Executive coaching has been life-transforming for me. It’ll do the same for you & your team.
In this 20-minute conversation, Alexi reveals how to do it.

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