Strong Suit 269: To Keep Your Best Employees, Prepare Them To Leave

Let’s get real.
For your business to succeed, you need a team of happy & productive employees.
Which means you need to keep your best people. Otherwise, you’ll always be scrambling to get new ones onto your leaky ship.
But how can you keep your best people when we’re at 3.7% unemployment? And when 90,000 headhunters like me are calling them every day?
Here’s the irony:
To keep them, you need to help them advance their career. That’s right… You have to do everything in your power to prepare them to leave you.
You need to help them advance their career. Develop new skills. Build their confidence. Master new skills.
But yikes. If you do that, they might leave you.
Or they may be so grateful …and learning so much… that they can’t afford to leave you. Even when the phone rings.
These 2 goals conflict – growing them & keeping them. So, I found an expert Marti Konstant of Konstant Change, to help us make sense of it all. For 10 years, she’s been developing the concept of ‘Agile Careers.’ She knows more about it than anyone I’ve met.
In this 20-minute conversation, she reveals what’s most important to your best people. And how to ensure they never leave you.

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