Strong Suit 272: How To Land The Candidates You Really, Really Want

If you don’t know the name Abakar Saidov, you soon will.
Because he may have cracked the code on how to build a relationship with the candidates you want to hire.
For years, I’ve said that “just in time hiring” stinks.
By the time you realize you need to hire someone, and then start, you’re already too late.
You need to dig your well before your thirsty. In hiring, that means you need to build relationships with candidates ahead of time.
That’s where Abakar comes in. He’s CEO and Co-Founder of London-based Beamery. He’s on a mission to transform recruitment by empowering companies to treat candidates like customers.
In fact, he’s helped invent CRM Candidate Relationship Management. It’s like for Recruitment.
Abakar now has over 100 employees & $40 Million in venture funding from Index Ventures, Workday Ventures, EQT Partners, and M12. He’s on a roll.
In this 20 minute conversation, Abakar shares the keys to hooking the candidates you really want. Before you even need them.

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