Strong Suit 273: How To Win The Hearts & Minds Of Your Employees

Do you remember the Blue Shirts?
This army of well-trained, huge-smiling, sales staff at Best Buy built the company to what it is today.
Yes, they’ve been Amazon-ed a bit, but still they survive. The Blue Shirts are why. When everything else (huge product assortment, low prices, easy returns) are commoditized, only service will save you.
And Best Buy’s sales staff serve. Bigtime.
But how does Best Buy energize that 100,000-person army?
Enter Jennifer Rock & Michael Voss. These two executives built the legendary employee communications function at Best Buy from the ground-up. They created the messaging & energy that electrified the Blue Shirts.
After a decade of this work, Jennifer & Michael left to share their secrets. (You can get a glimpse in their new novel Operation Clusterpuck.)
And you can listen to my 20-minute interview, where they reveal the secrets of outstanding employee communications.

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