This VC says “The team is the #1 factor” (Recruit Rockstars 402)

Based in Silicon Valley, Rashmi Gopinath is General Partner at B Capital Group, the global VC firm that specializes in equity investing in growth-stage companies that have achieved traction with customers.
With a focus in horizontal enterprise software (cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, devops, database SaaS for F500), she’s invested in and/or served on the Boards of: Synack, Yalo, Labelbox, Clari, Phenom People.
Prior, Rashmi served at Intel Capital and M12, Microsoft’s venture fund.
And now she invests in the growth stage (Series B thru D), writing checks between $30-60M.
After more than a decade of VC investing, Rashmi says “The team is the #1 factor”
In this 20-minute conversation, she reveals why & how to build a Rockstar team every time.

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