Smart Team Makes Software That Make Cities Smarter (Recruit Rockstars 393)

As businesses reopen, you should be thinking about your employees’ commutes.
For their benefit, and yours. Not to mention your city’s.
TransitScreen makes software that makes cities smarter and more sustainable. It provides live transportation information to real estate owners & employers internationally, helping people make more informed, more sustainable choices.
I tracked down CEO & CO-Founder Matt Caywood to see how he built this impressive team.
Matt is wicked smart. He spent years earning degrees in Neuroscience & working as a AI Engineer and Applied Neuroscientist before starting TransitScreen.
Clearly, he’s on to something. Investors include TIMIA Capital, 1776 Ventures, Moderne Ventures, and Carbon Ventures
In this 20-minute conversation, Matt shares how to get your employees safety & smartly to your office, and how to build a Rockstar team once they arrive.

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