Scaling a Business Against the Grain (Recruit Rockstars 411)

If you’re like most people, you think that printing things on paper has gone the way of the Dodo Bird.
You’re be wrong.
Combined, we still print over one Trillion pages in the US annually. Sure it’s declining a bit each year, but that remains a lot of used toner cartridges.
Not to mention hassle.
When Jonathan Treble learned the magnitude of the problem, he saw an opportunity…
And started PrintWithMe, the Chicago-based & fast-growing company, on a mission to make printing convenient for everyone.
He & his team have built a distributed network of 2,000 printer kiosks in coffee houses, apartment buildings, and college dorms. That’s more than the FedEx Offices in the US.
And a whole lot easier.
By the time you pay an Uber to take you to & from the FedEx Office or UPS Store – not to mention forking out a buck a page – that printed lease agreement costs a small fortune.
Jonathan is onto something big. He’s raised venture capital from Network Ventures, Great North Ventures, New Stack Ventures, and M25.
In this episode, he reveals how he’s scaled & led a distributed team to build this distributed network.

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