Recruit Rockstars 364: How His VC-Backed Team Made Drug Development Faster

When creating new drugs, it’s often difficult to find enough patients for clinical trials.
And that limits the number of trials you can run.
Which slows down drug development. And costs lives.
Charles Fisher is out to change all that.
He’s CEO of Unlearn.AI
Based in San Francisco, Unlearn helps biopharma companies develop drugs more efficiently by leveraging AI to reduce the number of patients required for placebo controls in clinical trials.
In fact, Unlearn.AI enables clinical trials that are twice as fast, require fewer patients, produce better evidence about efficacy, and in which fewer patients need to be given placebos.
Last week, the company announced a major venture investment from Epic Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, and the global Pharma company Eisai
Charles & his team are creating the first commercial product providing AI-derived Intelligent Control Arms to increase the statistical power of clinical trials, and accelerate study timelines in Alzheimer’s Disease.
In this 20-minute conversation, he reveals how he’s scaling the team.

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