Recruit Rockstars 378: From Car Wash to VC-Backed CEO

Great tech startup ideas can come from anywhere.
This one came from the waiting room of a high-end car wash.
Following a successful career in sales with med device maker Medtronic, Brent Oakley started Prime Car Wash, now with 5 locations.
In the process, he discovered how setting the right mood creates an exceptional customer experience that keeps customers coming back.
So, he co-founded Vibenomics, the marketing tech software company that provides location-based businesses with an easy & effective way to create whatever vibe they want to convey within their space.
It’s an audio out-of-home advertising & experience platform. Vibenomics promotes products in-store, educates shoppers, and drives them to websites or apps for coupons.
His investors include BIP Capital, High Alpha, Elevate Ventures, Allos Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners.
In this 20-minute conversation, Brent reveals how he’s scaled his team comprised of 40 Rockstars.