Harvard & Oxford Scientist Turns Capitalist (Recruit Rockstars 397)

I rarely meet a tech entrepreneur whose background is firmly grounded in science.
Jacob Sattelmair is a public health scientist turned technologist.
He’s CEO & Co-Founder of Wellframe, which works at the intersection of healthcare, technology, data analytics, and consumer engagement.
Based in Boston, Wellframe has reimagined healthcare relationships through a new approach that uses high-tech to deliver the high-touch support that people need – when and where they need it.
Its Digital Health Management platform offers solutions for care management & advocacy that help organizations forge more meaningful connections with their members.
Jacob holds degrees in Neurobiology & Epidemiology from Harvard University and Physiology from University of Oxford.
He’s partnered with high-profile investors including: Threshold, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, F-Prime Capital, and Waterline Ventures
In this 20-minute conversation, Jacob reveals how he’s built the Rockstar team at Wellframe.

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