Recruit Rockstars 321: Unlocking Human Potential & Health

There’s perhaps never been a better time for a fast-growing startup focused on unlocking human health & performance.
It’s called Whoop.
And I just had a chance to interview its CEO Will Ahmed.
Whoop combines hardware, software, and analytics to take people to a whole new level of health. Will conceived the idea as a top squash athlete at Harvard.
Since then, he’s assembled a world-class team of 100 professionals based in Boston. He’s raised $100M in venture capital from Foundry Group, Two Sigma Ventures, Accomplice, Thursday Ventures, Promus Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, NFL Players Association, Thursday Ventures, Mousse Partners, and NextView Ventures.
And created a $30/month subscription (hardware included) that tracks 1,000 times the amount of health data as an Apple Watch.
It tracks physiological metrics, such as heart-rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep data. It crunches this info to calculate levels of fatigue & stress on the body, allowing the athlete to optimize their training schedule & sleep.
During our conversation, Will explains why (and where!) how he looks for people who have a rare combination of high-intensity and high-humility.

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