No recruiting firm fees. No unqualified job board applicants.

Hiring someone 
awesome SUCKS!

The best hires aren’t on job boards. Paying a headhunter $40K is legalized robbery. Hiring seems to take forever. Not anymore – we fixed it.

10 finalist candidates. 10 days. 10x cheaper than a recruiter.

The best candidates aren’t on job boards

Paying a headhunter $40K is legalized robbery

The typical hire takes 3 months

Shortlist saved clients $2.2M in fees in the last 30 days

10 finalist candidates. 10 days. 10x less expensive.

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America’s #1 Professional Candidate Sourcer

The fastest & most affordable way to meet your next Rockstar.


Finding the best candidate seems impossible?

 We came up with a brand-new solution.


Headhunters take too long & charge too much?

We agree. So we broke the model.


Your job board postings aren’t working anymore?

There’s a reason: Only 20% are actively seeking a job.


Want to reach passive job seekers?

We introduce candidates who are working, but not actively looking.

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How Shortlist Works

No software to learn. The completely-done-for-you service.

Describe your ideal candidate.

Our team uses 37 different online sources to uncover ‘passive’ candidates who aren’t looking

We email & text them to see if they’re open to a confidential conversation with you.

We introduce the interested candidates in 10 business days. And there’s never a placement or success fee.

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Why Shortlist?

Shortlist saves you a fortune compared to traditional recruiting firms, and no more hiring headaches.

Traditional Recruiting Firms
Define candidate criteria
Review 3 benchmark profiles
Research to identify candidates
Outreach to candidates for interest level
Deliver Shortlist of 10 finalist candidates
Just 10 days
10x less than recruiting firms
Traditional Recruiting Firms
Traditional Recruiting Firms

We find Rockstars
for your key functions

In these industries

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Ready for a Rockstar?

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