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Earn 50% Commission ($1,000) for every new customer you refer to Recruit Rockstars.
Or you can choose credit towards a future Shortlist, or pass on the savings to your referral.

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Become a Rockstars Affiliate

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Share your personalized link with your audience & friends

3. Earn

Earn 50% on your referrals

How The Program Works

50% Commission

Earn 50% revenue ($1,000) of the first sale from every new customer you refer.

Weekly Payouts

Get a weekly payout deposited directly into your account.

Easily Track Earnings

Affiliate portal lets you easily track the status of your leads & sales.

Free Marketing Materials

Choose from a wide variety of linking tools & codes to promote.

120-Day Tracking

120-day tracking cookie life means you receive credit if someone clicks your affiliate link & purchases within 120 days


Host an exclusive webinar for your audience with Shortlist creator & bestselling author Jeff Hyman.

Why Shortlist by
Recruit Rockstars?

If your audience followers or friends are...

Affiliates can be individuals or businesses...

How Shortlist Works

No software to learn. The completely-done-for-you service.


Describe your ideal candidate.


Our team uses 37 different online sources to uncover ‘passive’ candidates who aren’t looking


We email & text them to see if they’re open to a confidential conversation with you.


We introduce the interested candidates in 10 business days. And there’s never a placement or success fee.

Your Audience Will Thank You

How the Rockstars Affiliate Program works


Refer your audience to Shortlist with your unique link or code


Receive $1,000 for every first time customer. Or you can choose credit towards a future Shortlist, or pass on the savings to your referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For 15 years, Recruit Rockstars has worked with growth-stage companies to put a Rockstar in every seat. Our process works so well that we published the bestselling book Recruit Rockstars sharing the secrets on how we do it.

We created a service that introduces clients to 10 finalist candidates in 10 days for 10x less than a recruiting agency.

Virtually anyone (including you.) Anyone who knows people who hire, anyone who wants to help their audience solve their #1 problem (hiring the best), and anyone who wants to create a new revenue stream.

Rockstars Affiliates can choose amongst 3 options: (1) $1,000 for each new user of Shortlist by Recruit Rockstars (2) $1,000 credit towards a future Shortlist by Recruit Rockstars, or (3) Pay It Forward, by transferring the $1,000 credit to the referral.

Become an approved Affiliate and you’ll automatically receive payments via PayPal within 10 business days of us receiving payment from your referral.

Any senior hiring manager or Human Resources leader who wants to reach passive candidates while avoiding recruiting agency fees.

Shortlist was created to assist with virtually any professional role with a compensation $75K+. From Manager to Chief-level roles. This include positions in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product and Software Development. Here’s a complete list.

Shortlist costs about 10x less than traditional recruiting agency fees. It’s $4,000 to meet 10 finalist candidates. Plus, your audience receives a 50% discount on their first Shortlist, so it’s just $2,000.

Just complete a quick application by clicking that “Become an Affiliate” button.

Of course. The affiliate program isn’t exclusive.

Nope. Just agree to follow the terms & conditions.

None at all. Just give your personalized link or code to your audience.

To save you time, we’ve created all sorts of graphical assets including banners ads, links, and email templates.

You can create your own graphical assets to promote the program to your audience, as long as it’s consistent with the Recruit Rockstars brand. If you’re unsure, just email it to us for review.

You can email your audience, include a banner ad on your website, or just tell your friends & colleagues. We’ve made the program easy to promote.

Sure, why not? As long as they don’t work for the same employer.

Affiliates receive access to a dashboard with real-time tracking of each lead you refer, so you know where you stand and what you’ve earned.

Wait! Would you like a free copy of our bestselling book Recruit Rockstars?

“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital