There are 90,000 executive recruiters in the U.S.
How can you possibly choose the right one?

Jeff Hyman
CEO, Recruit Rockstars

“I’ve been in your shoes. Because I’ve started & run 4 companies, and raised $55M from PE & VC firms, I get it. Your investors are watching. The pressure’s on. Your partners expect you to hit your numbers, launch new products, and dominate the market. Building a team of Rockstars is your #1 job. Get it right & the rest takes care of itself.”

I won’t say that I’m the right executive recruiter for you.
But here’s how I’m different:

I specialize in just one thing: building Rockstar top-teams for VC & PE backed companies.

I get it: Because I’ve started & led 4 companies, I understand your needs & pressures better than lifelong-recruiters. I hate bad hires as much as you do.

I work on only 3 searches at a time. Which means that you get an unrivaled level of focus. Most executive recruiters take on 10 to 15 searches at a time.

Fast: 3 searches at a time means that I complete my searches in 40 days on average. That’s 3x faster than most recruiters.

Process: I’m a stickler for process (which I’ve outlined in my bestselling book Recruit Rockstars.) Your search is too important to be haphazard.

No bait, no switch. I personally call, email, interview, vet, and reference every candidate. You work with me, not a newbie Associate.

No long offlimits list. The big firms can’t pursue many of your dream candidates because they do search work for the candidates’ employers.

It’s a flat fee, not a percentage of candidate compensation. So you know exactly what you’ll pay and I have no incentive to present more expensive candidates.

You pay half when we start & half when we finish.

Rockstar you need to hire:

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“Jeff has recruited Rockstars and built winning cultures for 25 years. Finally, he shows us how!” —Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group Venture Capital